Carding Chronicles

SH-Pileated woodpeckerThe Carding Chronicles appear every Thursday right here on my website. They are an ongoing series of short stories and sketches through which you can travel to Carding, Vermont any time you choose.

They’ll also appear in your email inbox if you subscribe using the button on the right of your screen. Fans tell me they go well with morning coffee.

And please do share them with your friends, families, colleagues, coworkers, and everyone else. The more the merrier, eh?

A new series of stories, written by Carding’s own Edie Wolfe, began in the New Year. Here’s a link to the first one of 2020.

Snow Blowing


You can also enjoy these selections from our archive.

The Spirit of Aisle Two

Pie Night

The Great Teacup Challenge

Tough Yankees

Return to Sunrise Hill

The Kurathian Hypothesis

A Really Long Walk

To the Rescue

A Boy Full of Glee

The King of Cups

Needing a Real Map in a GPS World


And the People of Carding Danced

Home and Garden Tour, Part Three

Home and Garden Tour, Part Two

Home and Garden Tour, Part One

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