Carding Chronicles

SH-monarch on zinnia jpgThe Carding Chronicles appear every Thursday right here on my website. They are an ongoing series of short stories and sketches through which you can travel to Carding, Vermont any time you choose.

They’ll also appear in your email inbox if you subscribe using the button on the right of your screen. Fans tell me they go well with morning coffee.

And please do share them with your friends, families, colleagues, coworkers, and everyone else. The more the merrier, eh?


A Peacock in Paradise

The Spirit of Aisle Two

The Kids Are All Right

Houdini’s Test

Houdini’s Rules

To the Stones

Of Broomsticks and Baths

The Pirates of Pendennis

Did You Know It Rains in London?

And the People of Carding Danced

Best Fair Ever

There’s Always Something

Midway Entertainment


Bubble Man

Home and Garden Tour, Part Three

Home and Garden Tour, Part Two

Home and Garden Tour, Part One

Old Friend of the Family

Song of the Queen Bee

Tom’s Lawn

High-Heeled Sneakers

A Change in Color

Spring Rituals

A Solemn Promise


To the Rescue

The Fine Uses of Gossip

A Second Cup of Tea

These are the 2018 town meeting Chronicles in the order in which they are best read, from first to last:

About the Zero

Happy New Year—Chutney Edition

Patent Pending

Sew and Sew, Part I

Sew and Sew, Part II

Sew and Sew, Part III

Sew and Sew, Part the Last

All You Need Is Love(joy)

Love(joy) Is in the Air

The Refugee from Mount Merino

Good Governance

Other Carding Chronicles:

The Solstice Train

Tinsel and Bulbs and Lights, Hurrah!

The 30-Page Test

The Wishing Stone


Lost—Then Found

Shiver Season

Carding Time

Pie Night

Ghosts, Part II

Ghosts, Part I

Teal It Like It Is


Mrs. Shakespeare

Wood Warms You…Once?

In the Mood

First Tree

A Moment to Muse

The Hammock Report

Fairy Godmothers, Part II

The Truth about Fairy Godmothers

Gardens of Comfort and Joy

May Your Hands Always Be Busy

Winning May Be Everything

Picking Clean

The Fightin’ Flowers

What We Know So Far

Victoria’s Web




That Old Presby Guilt

Violet Day

It’s “Just” a Dandy-Lion

Early Morning Sunrise

The Great Unfurling

April Comes to Vermont

To the Rescue

What’s in a Name?

Dancing Nancy

There Are All Sorts of Quilters

Something’s Happening Here

Shades of Emerald

Crossing Lines

An Essential Cup of Tea

Snow Day

Dearest Rosie


A Certain Generation

The Ballad of Ted & Paula

Haven Hats: A Crochet Pattern

Small Steps

Oatmeal Patrol

A Pressing Need

The Soul of Lost Things

Ice on the Pond

A Ghost in the Cellar

A Long Walk in the Woods

Sunrise Hill

Thermostatic Control

Bees and Ants

Love’s Labor: Part Three

Love’s Labor: Part Two

Love’s Labor: Part One

Two Blankets


Tom’s Lawn

The Light of Water Dancing

Out of Order

Beet Dreams Are Made of These

More Coffee?

Petition Drive

The King of Cups


Candidate’s Forum

Joe’s Puddle

Interior Decoration

Oatmeal Patrol

Dear Uncle Dan

A Quilter’s New Years Resolutions

The Tennyson Free Range Christmas Tree Farm

A Most Auspicious Star

The Good Librarian

The Delicate Dance

Stick Season

Jade and Slade Introduce the “S” Word

Let’s Do the Math

Needing a Real Map in a GPS World

Some Days

The Spirit of Aisle Two

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