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Carding is the little town (population 3,700) that no one can seem to find on a map of the Green Mountain state.

But everyone who reads the novels of Carding, Vermont can tell you exactly what it’s like, down to the smell of the cinnamon rolls made by Diana Bennett at the Crow Town Bakery.

Here’s a quick guide to the three (so far) Carding books with links to excerpts, the places that inspired Carding, and more!

TRU-2015 front cover only The Road Unsalted
The first novel of Carding, Vermont. Everyone in town is buzzing about the upcoming town meeting. Will the Carding Academy of Traditional Arts live to teach another day or will Harry Brown finally have his long-anticipated revenge on Edie Wolfe? Every vote counts!

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Learn what inspired Road here.

Thieves-front cvr only-6x9-04272015 Thieves of Fire
The second novel of Carding, Vermont. Why did Carding’s most famous son, artist Joseph Stillman Croft, leave his house and land to the two people he hated the most in town—Emily Willis and Kitty Wolfe—so they could build a school to teach traditional arts? That’s what Edie Wolfe (Kitty’s granddaughter) and her friends want to know.

As she probes Croft’s life, Edie comes face to face with her own past when the father of her children, a man she knows as Jean-Paul Vallone, turns out to be very much alive and very interested in the comings and goings of her small town in Vermont.

Read the first chapter of Thieves here.

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Learn more about the writing process behind Thieves here.

Cover art by Judith Freeman Clark
Cover art by Judith Freeman Clark

The Dazzling Uncertainty of Life
The third novel of Carding, Vermont. Sometimes it’s the small events that turn the great tides of life in unexpected directions, events such as this year’s school board election. When Stephen Bennett decides to throw his hat in the ring, he has no idea that his ideas about due diligence could have such dire consequences.

Read the first chapter of Dazzling here.
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Find out more about Carding, Vermont here.

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