The Kids Are All Right

The best-known farm in Carding belongs to Lee and Christine Tennyson. The young couple and their two sons are in Boston this week to attend a family wedding and to see the sights.

They left Jacob Brown in charge while they’re gone—which means Jacob and the Tennyson’s formidable billy goat, Houdini, have been locking…er…horns.

Cassie Handy, Carding’s local yoga teacher, is helping out, and with the last of the good weather running out, she’s decided to teach some plein-air yoga on the west-facing slope next to the Tennysons’ apple orchard.

The question is: What does Houdini think about that?

Here’s a sample of tomorrow’s Carding Chronicle, the third of three parts inspired by the yoga with goats classes at Wellwood Orchard in Springfield, Vermont. You can read part one here, and part two here.

Carding, Vermont is the fictional town at the center of my four novels, all available on or to order from your favorite independent book store.

I hope you will stop by.

SH-kids all right jpg

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