Another Cup of Tea?

Last week, Edie Wolfe and her neighbors, David and Lillian Tarkiainen, had their good night’s sleep shattered by the scream of a peacock.

It was a bit unnerving, especially when they discovered that the flamboyant bird had a love interest hiding in the bushes.

But who owns the peacock and why is it there?

Edie has a hunch so she calls Lee and Christine Tennyson, Carding’s favorite local farmers, to see if they’re missing any birds.

And that’s when she falls into the “Tennyson tangle.”

Welcome to Carding, Vermont where life always includes a dash of the unexpected. Carding is the small town (population 3,700 or so) that no one can seem to find on a map of the Green Mountain State. But you can find it any time, right here in the Carding Chronicles and in the four novels of Carding, Vermont, all of which are available on or by ordering them through your local independent book store.

This three-part tale, which began last week, continues in Edie Wolfe’s kitchen over a cup of tea with Christine Tennyson. Here’s a sample of what’s to come.


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