Houdini’s Rules

The Tennyson family—Lee, Christine, and their three children—live near the top of Belmont Hill in Carding, Vermont. There have been Tennysons in Carding almost since the founding of the town so everyone knows them and their farm.

They also know the family’s goat Houdini, a billy with a mind and personality all his own.

Now folks who farm rarely get the opportunity to go on vacation because the animals and the gardens don’t take a rest. So they were quite appreciative when their friend Jacob Brown volunteered to watch over the farm so that they could go to Boston to attend a wedding and spend a little time in the city.

As Jacob keeps telling himself: “Chickens, goats, a dog and a cat, what could go wrong?”

I have a hunch we’re going to find out.

This three-part story was inspired by the goats and owners of Wellwood Orchards in North Springfield, Vermont. It’s a wonderful place to visit, just like Carding, Vermont.

I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow (or subscribe to my website) for Houdini’s Rules. Here’s a sample of what’s in store.

SH-Houdini's Rules


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