The Most Dangerous Book in my House

Paper, pens, markers, OH MY!

My husband will attest to the fact that I am a paper monger. And I love pens, pencils, markers, anything that I can hold in my hand and make a mark on paper.

In fact, I buy only certain notebooks and pens for writing, and both my guys respect the fact that they may not use these or touch them or move them.

Yep, I jealously guard my favorite tools of the trade.

So imagine my joy when the latest Blick art supply catalog showed up in my mailbox this morning. For this self-annointed paper-and-pen queen, this is bliss. Add that to the fact that my birthday is next month, and that I firmly believe in buying oneself at least one present, and…well…this is dangerous territory.

Ooooh, but the bliss!

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