Woodn’t You Love This Quilt?

This is the first half of the center of my autumn nine-patch quilt sewn together.

I cut my teeth on quilting how-to books with Wiley Publishing, the folks who did my Teach Yourself Visually Quilting book and its companion, Visual Quick Tips Quilting. It was a great way to learn, and great folks to work with as well.

For consistency and probably to maintain good contrast, Wiley insisted that everything be photographed against a white background. My photographer brought a number of foam core boards to my house, where we took the pictures, and they worked just fine.

I wrote here the other day about one of my newfound loves, my Epson printer, which does a great job of scanning the smaller pieces of a quilt in a state of becoming. I’m working on a new quilt, part of which is pictured here, that’s one of four that will be featured in my newest pattern book. Now it’s too big to fit in my Epson any more.

Which brings me, believe it or not, to the hardwood floors in my living room.

My husband installed them last year, pre-finished oak. We love them. And I’ve discovered they make a great background for many of my quilts.

This particular spot on the living room floor is near the windows that look to the southwest so on a sunny day like today, I get a lot of reflected light.

And I love the warm color of the wood.

Besides, it’s my book and if I want to use a non-white background, I get to make the rules. As long as readers understand what I want them to see in my images, that’s what matters.

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