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Getting Back to the Chronicles

Canada lilies in bloom on the White River in Vermont
Canada lilies in bloom on the White River in Vermont

Hi folks–just a quick word from the author here. It’s been two weeks since the last chapter of The Dazzling Uncertainty of Life was published in this space. The book-on-paper is now available on Amazon and I’ll be making a push to bookstores soon so you can look there as well.

The ebook will follow soon.

Dazzling’s chapters will remain on the website for only four more days, and then it all will disappear except for a first chapter sample for curious readers.

Now just a wee reminder—reviews on Amazon matter, matter, matter. You cannot believe how much they matter. So if you would be so kind, please mosey over there to add your opinion.

Now we’ll be resuming the Carding Chronicles, four-times-a-month short stories about the wee town that somehow keeps getting missed by all the mapmakers in Vermont. You’ll also notice a few additions along the way.

As you might have guessed, I love the little green state where I live, and enjoy sharing it with friends and readers. I also feel like we could all use some support—emotional and otherwise—as we try to claw our way through the political season and the violence in our country.

So think of these little bites of Vermont as my way of trying to insert a smile or good thought into your day.

Thank you all so very much. I enjoy your company on this journey.

Cloud Collectors

Did you know there was a website and book dedicated to cloud appreciation?

Early morning clouds over the White River
Early morning clouds over the White River

I just love that idea.

I bought the book for my husband for his birthday a couple of years ago and picked it up last night, intrigued anew by the idea.

So when I went out for my early morning walk today, I decided to start my collection. The combination of the river, the magical quality of light in Vermont, and the ephemeral nature of clouds is a perfect combination, in my book.