American Patchwork

American Patchwork—edited by Sonja Hakala
American Patchwork—edited by Sonja Hakala

American Patchwork: True Stories from Quilters

Editor Sonja Hakala collected stories by quilters and about quilting from enthusiasts, collectors and practitioners from all over the U.S. for this outstanding collection of stories.

From the funny to the wistful to the curious to the ones that just move your heart to another place, you can travel the quilting universe in the time it takes your iron to heat up.

You can purchase a hardcover or Kindle edition of American Patchwork here. You can order a hardcover edition (Sonja has the last stash of new copies still for sale) by emailing Sonja at: Sonja(at)

And you can read one of the stories in American Patchwork here.

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