Needing A Real Map in a GPS World

As many readers have guessed, eccentricity is woven into the fabric of Carding, Vermont. There’s a farm where you can buy magical Christmas trees.

Or so folks believe.

And a school (the Carding Academy of Traditional Arts) that preserves traditions that can be traced back to the 18th century.

Then there’s the fact that Carding cannot be found on a map of the Green Mountain state. Ever wonder why?

Welcome to Carding, Vermont where life always includes a dash of the unexpected. And you can find it any time, right here in the Carding Chronicles and in the four novels of Carding, Vermont, The Road Unsalted, Thieves of Fire, The Dazzling Uncertainty of Life, and Lights in Water, Dancing.

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Here’s a sample of tomorrow’s story. Hope to see you map in a gps world

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