New Year’s Resolutions for the Creative Human: A Carding Chronicle

SH-Crafters resolutions

This Carding Chronicle started years ago as a contribution to my quilt guild’s January newsletter. It has morphed and changed since then but I believe its virtue remains the same: A resolve to use up what I have.

But as we all know, temptation is abroad in the land.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for subscribing and sharing your time with my books and stories.

I am wishing all of you a very happy and peaceful New Year.

January 1, 2019: I resolve not* to buy or bring home any new books, fabric, paper, paints, yarn, pens or markers this year. I will read or use only what I have in my stash when the urge to create comes upon me.


  • Really pretty fabric that some nefarious quilting friend puts on the free table at a guild meeting. You know the kind I mean, something that’s a batik or a leaf print (I love leaf prints) or has sparkly thread.
  • Yarn in a luscious shade of orange that I find at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival that’s held every autumn at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds.
  • Cool embroidery kits that I discover during the Vermont Shop Hop that I know will get sold out quickly if I don’t buy them now. This is especially true when I am encouraged to think this way by the friends fellow enablers that I’m Shop Hopping with.
  • A brand new type of pen for which I have an extraordinary coupon from Post in White River Junction, Vermont. (The coolest card and drawing supply store in the Upper Valley, in my opinion.)
  • Fabric that I find at a summer stash buster sale put on by a guild member fellow enabler who’s priced everything so low, it’s almost free.
  • A new sketchbook with a cover that’s a painting by Georgia O’Keefe or a Celtic design because O’Keefe is one of my all-time favorites and I love Celtic anything.
  • Or when Michaels sends me an irresistible coupon for stamp pads or acrylic paint or colored pencils or something else I don’t have.
  • Or when one of my favorite authors brings out a new work and I know I want to add it to my carefully curated collection of books so why wait?

January 1, 2020: I resolve not* to buy or bring home any new books, fabric, paper, paints, yarn, pens or markers this year because I have run out of space in my desk drawers and stash cabinet and my husband says he’s not building me any more bookshelves.

* Exceptions may apply.

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