Haven Hats: A Free Crochet Pattern

SH-Haven hatWe have a number of wonderful nonprofits here in the Upper Valley, lots and lots of folks doing wonderful work.

One of the best-known is the Upper Valley Haven, a homeless shelter for families and individuals with a full array of after-school programs and a food shelf and a clothing program, among so many other activities.

A few years ago, when I was dropping off a donation, I got into a conversation with one of the organizers about winter clothing needs for the children they serve. That’s when I found out that schools around here—for good reason—do not let kids out for recess unless they have the proper warm clothing to deal with our winter temperatures.

“We can always use hats and mittens,” the woman said.

Now, I love to knit and crochet (simple patterns only please) and I’d been developing a hat pattern that would allow my fingers to move while I watched DVDs with my husband in the evenings AND would take advantage of the smaller portions of yarn in my collection.

I have to tell you that I made a few abysmal hats on the way to the Haven Hat pattern haven-hats-pattern-11-23-2016.

But I eventually put together something I like and you can see the results below.

One of the most inspired parts of this pattern, I think, is the topknot that froths at the apex of the chapeau. I am not a fan of pompoms (they always, eventually, fall apart). But I found this fringe alternative used on a scarf in one of my crochet books that’s simply loops made of simple chain stitches. It’s different and fun and just makes the hat splendid, in my opinion.

I talk about the Haven Hats haven-hats-pattern-11-23-2016 this time every year to encourage the nimble-fingered folks among you to dig out your crochet hooks and have at it. And please feel free to ask questions if you get stuck (Sonja (at) SonjaHakala (dot) com) or share with friends.

There are pictures of more Haven Hats below to get you inspired.


Red hat with Xmas topknot
HHat-gree:white stripe-closeup-1

HHat-blue on snow 2

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