Special Features: The Novels of Carding, Vermont

TRU-2018 coverAre you the type of person who watches the special features segments included on many DVDs? I do. I love to know how the magic is done.

In fact, that’s why I became a writer. I wanted to be the magician behind the page. I thought you might enjoy coming “backstage” with me so for this week, I’m sharing some of the back stories about my Carding novels.

Every time I do an author appearance, I’m asked questions about the small town that’s at the heart of my (now) four novels. Where is Carding, people ask. And what does it look like?
TOF 6x9 2018 cover
In fact, one of the greatest compliment I’ve ever received on my books was from a woman in a book discussion group who asked me why she couldn’t find Carding on MapQuest.

Yeah, I loved that one.

This past August, I published my fourth Carding novel, Lights in Water, Dancing. Even though I know I’ll come back to my favorite little town in Vermont, I’ve been keeping a second series on a back burner for some time now and I want time to swivel my attention to that. So the novels of Carding, Vermont will be on hiatus for a little while.

That hiatus decision doesn’t include Thursday’s Carding Chronicles however. So if you’re a subscriber, you’ll still be able to enjoy your weekly trips to my quirky little town.

Dazzling 2018 front cover

Of course, this novel celebration includes my hope that you’ll buy yourself or your loved ones one (or more) of the Carding sagas. I am a professional writer, after all, and one of the ways author pay their Comcast bills is by selling books.

If you like purchasing your books at your local book store, you can order all of the Carding novels at your favorite bricks-and-mortar location. They are also available through Amazon.com.

LiWD cover March 2018

And if I can ask one more favor, please take the time to review books online. Not only will it make your favorite authors smile, your recommendation have a huge impact on sales.

At this point in our retail lives, most of us base some of our buying decisions on online reviews. This is true of books, movies, cleaning products, refrigerators, travel mugs and music. We’re all helping one another navigate the internet terrain. I hope you’ll include Carding in your efforts.

So thanks for being here. Thanks for subscribing to the Carding Chronicles and sharing them with friends and family. Thanks for reading. Book lovers are such great company.



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