Singing robin at Eden Project
Robin singing at the entrance to the Eden Project, Cornwall, England

My husband and I recently spent seven weeks traveling in England. It was a trip that we’d talked about and planned for a long time.

I came home with almost 2,000 pictures, a treasure trove that includes “the sights” as well as images of geometric designs that will eventually  become zentangles or quilt blocks.

Expecting anyone but us to sit through 2,000 photos is a bit over the top, wouldn’t you agree? But I didn’t want to shove these memories away in a digital drawer never to be seen again.

So I decided to send one of my favorite Carding characters, Edie Wolfe, on a trip to England with her younger sister Rosamund. The two of them get along so well that I knew they’d have a good time.

Edie, of course, is sending emails and pictures back home to her family and friends in Carding, and that includes you. Over the next four weeks, she’s going to take you to England.

Enjoy the journey!

London St. James Park house
Caretaker’s cottage in St. James Park, London, England


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