There’s Always Something

Hi folks,

We’re just a few days away from the opening of the Carding Fair and the problems are mounting up.

First Charlie Cooper, who has always made balloon critters for kids at the fair, twisted his ankle so he can’t be there. Then Ruth Goodwin, who rented two vendor booths, got a case of stage fright, can’t price her creations, and is now contemplating giving up the whole idea of selling anything she’s made.

And finally New England Midway Amusements, the company that provides carnival rides and midway food for the Carding Fair, says his drivers can’t negotiate the narrow twists of Meetinghouse Road around the green in the center of town.

It’s a mystery to me how the folks in Carding are going to pull this one off.

Here’s a sample of tomorrow’s Carding Chronicle. I’m looking forward to your visit!

SH-fried dough

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