Tomorrow is Carding Chronicle day and the second of four tales about the Carding Fair.

If you’ve ever been involved with a sale of any kind, you know how much work it can be. Even a yard sale requires a surprising amount of time to sort, price, organize, and display all the stuff you’d like to see go to a new home.

Multiply that by the popular (and substantial) Carding Fair with its food, music, rides, parking, traffic control, and vendors and you’ll have some idea of what an effort it is to make such an event a success, year after year after year.

So you’ll understand why Ruth Goodwin is feeling a wee bit overwhelmed when she thinks about being part of the Fair.

By the way, the colorful critters in the photographs accompanying this Carding Chronicle were made by a woman who refers to herself as “Aunt Wanda.” She lives in Quechee, Vermont and all of her creations are made from recycled sweaters. That’s right, everything is upcycled.

Wanda is a regular vendor at the extraordinarily well-attended Norwich Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Her website is here: World of Wanda

Here’s a preview of “Critters,” the next Carding Chronicle. Please share it with everyone you know. Thanks!

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