The Gardening Two-Step

The Carding Gardening Club doesn’t have a lot of members—maybe two dozen in all—but they are a mighty bunch.

Every year, these diligent dirt diggers add color to a large number of planter boxes and hanging pots all over town, from the Community Building to the town green and along the town’s main street, Meetinghouse Road.

While no one is paid for her time, there is the matter of supplies and plants. So every July, the Garden Club hosts a weekend-long home and garden tour to raise money for their endeavors. Participants make sure their flowers and shrubs are pristine and the spaces they make available for public viewing are scrubbed.

To make it more interesting, there’s also a friendly competition for “Best in Show,” complete with a panel of judges.

The local gardeners really get into the spirit of the occasion but there’s always been more collaboration than competition among them.

Until this year.

Tomorrow is the first of a three-part Chronicle that’s become something of a fan favorite. And for those of you new to the Carding Chronicles, welcome to summer in the little town that no one can find on a map.

Here’s a sample of tomorrow’s story.

SH-pink peony

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