Meandering Roads

Dazzling 2018 front coverThe publication date for the next Carding novel, Lights in Water, Dancing, is just two weeks away. To celebrate, I refurbished the covers of all three existing books, and have been sharing bits of them with you.

And now we’re up to the third Carding, Vermont novel, The Dazzling Uncertainty of Life.

Every one of you has had to deal with trauma, the events in life that just pull the rugs out from under your feet. That’s what happens to one of my favorite characters in Carding, the feisty 15-year old Faye Bennett.

The Dazzling Uncertainty of Life begins with a joyful event when Faye and her father Stephen and her best friend Suzanna Owens set a red-tailed hawk free. That’s the excerpt for tomorrow.

The cover (above) for Dazzling is a watercolor painted by my longtime friend, Judith Freeman Clark. Judi and I were in high school together, and I remember her drawings from then with great fondness. I was so delighted when she agreed to do this cover.

You can see the entire painting below.

Here’s a sample of what’s in store tomorrow. Enjoy!

SH-Dazzling painting

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