The Importance of Maple Syrup

TRU-2018 coverThe fourth Carding, Vermont novel, Lights in Water, Dancing, will go on sale on June 15, 2018 and to celebrate, I’m dipping into the preceding books in order to whet your whistles.

On the schedule for tomorrow is an excerpt from the first book, The Road Unsalted.

One of the first scenes in the book takes place at Ted Owens’ breakfast table the morning after his niece, 12-year old Suzanna, is unceremoniously dumped on his doorstep by her mother.

Like most Vermonters, Ted is a connoisseur of maple syrup. Here’s a sample of what’s in store tomorrow.

Oh, and while I have your attention, can I ask a favor of you? Book sales are important to every author and I am no exception to that rule. If you have read my books (thank you), would you consider posting a review on You have no idea how much your thoughts can influence other readers.


SH-Maple Syrup jug

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