Near the Mountains

I love the earth-bound poetry of Joseph Bruchac. He reminds me to keep my focus on what’s truly important in my life while the rest of the world is going mad.

The book of his poetry that has inspired so many of my recent Monday morning posts, Near the Mountains, is hard to find now. My autographed copy was signed in 1991, and its binding is a bit shaky.

As far as I can tell, the book’s publisher, White Pine Press, no longer has this book in print. But you can find copies through third parties on Amazon.

Bruchac is a very active author, and has published many books for children and novels for adults. I’ve heard him speak on Native American culture, and he is a treat.

A few last words from Mr. Bruchac here on this first Monday in March before we leave his magical book.

SH-near the mountain poetry

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