A Process of Excellence

As the years pass, Brenda Underwood finds she has far more patience for some challenges—people who walk slow, cranky children, waiting for Christmas—while having much less patience for others.

High on her list of “I have no patience for this any more” is other people’s need to grandstand at the expense of others. She witnessed far too much of that from the CEO of her former employer when she was fighting for pay equity for female auditors.

Now, the Carding Quilt Guild is pretty small potatoes in comparison to that. But the principle is the same.

Or at least it is to Brenda Underwood. Quilt guild president G.G. Dieppe has other ideas.

Tomorrow is Carding Chronicle day, and we’re rejoining newcomer Brenda Underwood as she figures out who is who and what is what in Carding, Vermont.

Here’s a sample of what’s in store.

SH-quilts to be bound

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