Etui* Brute?

Tomorrow is Carding Chronicle day, and you’re invited along to Brenda Underwood’s first meeting with the Carding Quilt Guild.

This organization has had a rather tortured history in the past year or so, splitting in two when G.G. Dieppe staged a coup to supplant some longtime members who took issue with her meeting tactics.

Brenda’s feeling a little uncertain about this because she’s not a social butterfly or an experienced quilter.

So you’d think that being the guild’s president, G.G. would go out of her way to make sure Brenda feels comfortable.

Or maybe not.

One thing you should know is that G.G. is running for the lone empty seat on the town selectboard. And she’s counting on the members of the guild to put her in office.

Here’s a sample of what’s in store in part two of “Sew and Sew”. I hope you will stop by and set a spell.


SH-guild meeting

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