A Fine Fall Day

Tomorrow is Thursday and there’s a new Carding Chronicle just waiting for you.

This is part one of an excerpt from my fourth Carding novel, Lights in Water, Dancing. It will be published later this year.

In many ways, this book is about trust and what happens to a town and its people when the trust they put in one another is violated as it was in the third novel, The Dazzling Uncertainty of Life. 

As Edie Wolfe observes: “Trust is the invisible grease among people that allows us to go about our daily lives with the illusion of stability. When it disappears, people react in strange ways to its loss.”

This is also a tale about ghosts. Not of the type that Charles Dickens conjured in “A Christmas Carol” but the myriad ways that our pasts can haunt us.

I thought it appropriate for this time of year. “Ghosts” will conclude next week.


SH-autumn leaves for ghosts

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