Dearest Rosie

wq-heart-quiltEdie Wolfe’s younger sister, Rosamund, lives in Helena, Montana which means they don’t get to see one another very often.

Rosie, as everyone calls her, came back to Vermont for an extended visit over the holidays. And now they’re back to their daily email routine.

Here’s the latest update from Edie.


Dearest Rosie,

I’m still glowing from your visit over the holidays. I do wish you lived closer. Montana might as well be the moon. I guess I just miss my baby sister.

Remember me telling you about that woman, G.G. Dieppe, who recently joined our quilt guild? She’s the one stirring folks up against Reverend Lloyd over at the Episcopal church because he brought in a Muslim to talk to the congregation about Islam. Can’t have discussion and understanding, you know.

Well, G.G.’s been a member for only three months now, and last night, she blew up the guild.

It’s sad, really. The Carding Quilt Guild’s been around for almost 30 years, and it’s had its share of difficult people in the past. But this G.G. just tops them all. She’s all snide and spit, as Mom used to say, and there isn’t an oxygen molecule that she doesn’t claim as her own. Don’t you think it’s bizarre to be in a room full of quilters but hear only one voice?

At first, she was just making comments out of the corner of her mouth, and we did our best to ignore her, figuring she’d go away. But as Agnes pointed out, G.G.’s either got batting for brains or she’s one of those folks who crave attention so much, she’ll take any flavor of it whether it’s irritation, rage or fury.

She’s criticized the guild’s officers for the way they conduct the meetings. She questioned the honesty of our treasurer, (she backed down from that one when Ruth threatened to jab her with a knitting needle), and even badmouthed the food people bring to share.

But she went all out last night, providing a running commentary on the quality of every quilt that folks brought to show the group. It was awful, just awful.

Poor Cat Elliott got so rattled, she started to cry, and that’s when Mae Manning went off like a sky rocket.

You know as well as I do that Mae’s got to be the kindest woman on the planet. I would have sworn she didn’t have a temper but she proved me so, so wrong. When Cat started crying, she had words for G.G. And not just a few mildly spoken words but LARGE WORDS at the top of her lungs. In fact, I think Mae invented some new ones of the four-letter variety

I have to say, I’ve never enjoyed a guild meeting more. Ruth, Agnes and I got up and applauded Mae. Then about half of us left the meeting, and formed a new, by-invitation-only guild before we left the parking lot. (It’s amazing how quickly such things get done when you’re standing in the dark in 20-degree weather.)

What do you think of Shades of Emerald for a name? We are the Green Mountain State, after all.

Still, it makes me sad. I keep feeling this edge to the world that hasn’t been there before. How did we all become so brittle and sharp? And what are we going to do with these feelings? Keep attacking one another until…what?

Yeah, I know, I can hear you saying it all the way out here. No one’s going to win this one.

Well, I have to take Nearly for his afternoon walk. He’s never cared what my quilts look like as long as he gets to lie on them. A healthy attitude, I think.

Diana and Stephen are talking about sending me out to see you with my granddaughter, Faye, in tow. How would you feel about June? Let me know.

Everyone sends their love,


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