The Dazzling Uncertainty of Life

Cover art by Judith Freeman Clark
Cover art by Judith Freeman Clark

One of the reasons I enjoy writing about Carding, Vermont is the latitude I have to see life from different perspectives. I can write from the viewpoint of a woman in her 60s, Edie Wolfe, or see the world through the eyes of a rather dashing ne’er do well, Gideon Brown, or even from a dog’s point of view as with Edie’s cocker spaniel, Nearly (as in Nearly Wolfe).

One of the minor characters in the first two Carding novels, The Road Unsalted and Thieves of Fire, is a teenage girl named Faye Bennett.

I must confess to a soft spot in my heart for Faye. She is a devotee of social justice, hates bullies, and will have her voice heard.

In other words, she can be a real handful for her parents, Diana and Stephen.

Choosing Faye as the focal point in The Dazzling Uncertainty of Life gave me the opportunity to laser in on that tumultuous time in every person’s life, when up is down and left is right and the whole world seems like it’s against you. And I did it by pulling the rug out from under this independent young woman just to see what she would do.

At this moment in time, I have only Advance Reading Copies (see the bottom of this post for an explanation of ARC) of Dazzling for sale.

But the price is right—$10 per copy (usually $14.95) and that price includes shipping.

To order, please go to our BOOK SALE page and fill out the order form. We will invoice you so you can pay by debit or credit card, and then the books will be on their way.

ARCs defined: In publishing, review copies (known in the trade as Advance Reading Copies or ARCs) of a book are printed months before the finished copies. This long lead time allows critics to publish their reviews simultaneously with the appearance of finished books.

Because ARCs are printed before the final proofreading of a book, there are usually errors in the text.

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