Haven Hats

Haven hat by Sonja Hakala
Haven hat by Sonja Hakala

I developed a simple pattern for crocheted hats several years ago that I call “Haven Hats” because I donate them to our local homeless shelter, the Upper Valley Haven.

I recently dropped off a few new creations along with some crocheted slipper socks. Thinking ahead, I asked the volunteer who was receiving my gift whether she thought it would be more helpful to make slipper socks or hats. She thought about that for a moment but then said: “Hats. When it’s cold out, children cannot go out for recess unless they have hats and mittens.”

Haven Hats by Sonja Hakala
Haven Hats by Sonja Hakala

Every year on Thanksgiving, I post the Haven Hats Pattern here to encourage folks to either make or buy a hat for a child or adult in a homeless shelter.

So the link for the pattern is below. I updated it this year with a few variations. If you crochet, have at it. If you knit, please consider making some hats. If you are not a yarn person, there are lots of patterns to make fleece hats.

I hope you all have a peaceful Thanksgiving.


Haven hats on heads 1 shcom

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