Joe’s Puddle

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New post on Carding Chronicle blog: February 5

Joe’s Puddle Pool Cancelled

by Little Crow

Well folks, this is a first, and I’m not sure it’s one to be celebrated. We all know that puddly place in the marsh at the end of Half Moon Lake, the one the kids skate on and call Joe’s Puddle, right?

And we all look forward to the PTA fundraiser that takes place here every April when we throw money in a pot, and take guesses when the Joe’s Puddle clock sinks through the ice.

The winner gets bragging rights, and half of the collected cash.

The PTA’s been raising money for kid sports equipment this way for over 20 years, and this is the first time the event has had to be cancelled because of warm weather.

In Vermont.

In February.

Russ Tensen, this year’s PTA president, called us this morning to say that there’s no ice on Joe’s puddle to put a clock on so there’s nothing to bet on—at least at this point. But the PTA executive board is meeting this afternoon to see if they can come up with some sort of a substitute.

There’s talk of a grilled cheese cook-off which sounds pretty good to me. Christine Tennyson, our lady in goat cheese up on the Tennyson farm, has offered to supply some of the product to get that effort started.

Or maybe we can all take a guess at when the maple sap starts running and the sugaring season starts.

In other cancellation news—there will be no fishing derby on the lake this weekend, and Bob Scoda sends word that he could really use a hand trying to float his bobhouse back to shore. Bob’s always the first one out on the ice, and said he really took a chance when he pulled his little shanty out on the lake on New Year’s Day.

“First time I ever saw the ice sag under my truck,” Bob said.

If you want to see Bob’s bobhouse bob, the best view is from the town beach parking lot.

As for downhill skiing, the owners of the Mount Merino Resort are still trying to make snow at night, and hoping it will last through to the next night. The mountain looks like a big mound of mud with a few white stripes running down the sides.

In other, non-cancellation, news, the pickup hockey games have moved to the town beach parking lot because the ice in the rink on the green melted. The asphalt end of the parking lot’s been swept free of gravel, and the surface is pretty good. Bring your own roller blades.

And Reverend Lloyd reports that the extreme frisbee group plans to begin their practice sessions two months early in the Episcopal church parking lot.

Sneakers and shorts.

In February.

In Vermont.

As Andy Cooper’s been saying, “This is the non-winter winter.”

I’ll be looking for you over at the extreme frisbee practices. Call me if you see any snow.

Little Crow | February 5 | Categories: Local recreation

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