String Theory Progress

I’m currently working on a quilt book that accompanies my first Carding novel, The Road Unsalted. Its working title is String Theory I and it will make its debut during the Vermont Quilt Festival as a premium for folks willing to make a donation of $20 or more to our little-nonprofit-that-can, the Parkinson’s Comfort Project.
Cotton Candy-whole for web
The Comfort Project accepts the occasional fabric donation and a couple of weeks ago, I got a call from a lovely woman who used to be a member of my quilt guild, Northern Lights.

She no longer quilts because of arthritis and was looking for a good home for part of her stash. Since I knew she was a quilter, that meant she knew what kind of fabric is best for our project (something I’ve learned to be careful about) so I said yes.

When I opened the boxes she’d sent, I found parts of a couple of projects she’d started making. One of them was  in pink fabrics. I have no idea what her ultimate plan was for these pieces but they are now part of a quilt in String Theory I.

I love repurposing.

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