A Cloud of Covers

I sent the final, final, final version of Thieves of Fire to the printer yesterday. The text will be off to the ebook conversion division of Full Circle Press tomorrow.

I’m done.
TOF cover cloud
One of the most difficult aspects of any book is its cover. I’ve been designing covers for a fair number of years and no matter how much I read about “what makes a successful cover,” I still think that no one really knows for absolutely sure.

My friend and fellow quilter, Nancy Graham, made quilts for both of my Carding novels and I love what she created for Thieves. However, I’ve had to take a step back from my admiration to critically assess what I can use on a cover because the size of a book (6 x 9 in my case) is so much smaller than the canvas that Nancy uses.

The “cover cloud” that I posted here shows a few of the cover incarnations that I tried for Thieves, including using one of my favorite photographs, “Sunrise on Holland Pond.” I took the Holland Pond picture when my husband and I were there on vacation a few years ago.

I used this photo as a placeholder on the advance reading copies of Thieves because I was still not happy with my treatment of the crow.

Once the advance reading copies were out, I took a break but then went back to Nancy’s quilt.

The crow and the key dangling from its mouth are critical elements of the story so I wanted them to grace the final version of Thieves. For this incarnation, I opened up Photoshop, did some cutting and erasing to get the crow and the key just so, scanned a fabric from my stash that I thought had promise for the background, layered them together, added text…and then I was satisfied.


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