Whomp! That’s how I feel today. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that that’s how just about everyone in my quilt guild feels today. Show hangovers all around.
Goldie on her new bed 1-3-2012 for web
There’s 120 members (give or take) in the Northern Lights Quilt Guild and just about every hand was on deck for two full days of strutting our stuff to the public.

It is exhausting though energizing because we work so well together and you really get to know folks that you don’t get a chance to hang out with ordinarily. That’s the best part, in my opinion.

There were 200 quilts on display, all sizes, all sorts of techniques, artsy, traditional, quiet, BRIGHT, enchanting and everything in between.

Many hands made a gorgeous raffle quilt. Many hands made mini-quilts that were auctioned off silently. Many hands sewed bags and then filled them with gifts for another type of auction. There was great food (all homemade) and we also plundered our book shelves and magazine racks to donate to the book sale table.

It is a very good thing that we do this every other year. It gives us enough time to forget some of how tough it is, get some sleep, make improvements in the way we do things, and then get revved up again.

I think my dog has the right idea about how to spend today.

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