A Bag-o-Stuff

The Northern Lights Quilt Guild, my guild, is having its every-other-year quilt show next weekend. In essence, we put up and take down a small business over our two-day celebration of fabric, hoping to earn enough to fund our “extras” budget for the next two years.
Bag and stuff for quilt show for web
For all the years, about eight I think, that I’ve been a member, we’ve reached that goal.

I am always staggered by the amount of work the show entails, and at the generosity of all of our members. Among us, we make a raffle quilt and sell tickets for it. Many of us make mini-quilts (and they are stunning) that are auctioned off silently. We rifle through our personal libraries to donate books and magazines to the book sale table. (There are always great bargains to be found there.) We make food that’s sold to the public. We rent space to vendors.

And we have a raffle of a different kind that we call “Bags, Baskets and Bowls.” The idea is this: Members fill handmade bags or find pretty baskets or bowls with all kinds of goodies. Many of these innards are sewing or quilting related but there are also books, chocolate, gardening stuff, flowers, candy and on and on.

All of the bags, baskets and bowls are displayed throughout the show, each with a small paper bag taped nearby. Folks purchase cards of small tickets, 25 for $5, and then drop their tickets into the paper bags that go with the bag or basket or bowl they would like to win.

At some point toward the end of Sunday, the winning tickets are drawn, accompanied by squeals of delight.

Believe me when I tell you that the women in my guild get pretty imaginative about what they put in these containers, and the bags are beautiful in and of themselves.

This year, I decided to use one of the small shoulder bags that I like to make, and I filled it with copies of my two novels, two jars full of precut fabric strips, a kit for a fancy drawstring bag, and a set of four quilted coasters.

All of this is to invite you all to come to the Northern Lights Quilt Guild show at the Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH on April 18 and 19.

You’re gonna love it!

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