Here There Be Boots

Now I’ll be the first one to admit that I have a VERY short commute from my house to my office, a building known around here as the CLB which has my office/studio on the top floor and my husband’s workshop on the bottom.
Boot parade for web
It’s about 56 steps, depending on the number of detours I have to make in order to avoid my dog’s many and artfully created “gifts.”

No big deal you say? Well, up here in the wilds of northern New England, everyone will tell you that selecting the right footware to fit the reality on the ground is something of an art form.

And having a wide selection of stuff to slide on or push your feet into is critically important especially during our transition times, the days when we slide (sometimes literally) from ice to mud to snow and back again.

This really hit home the other day when I realized I had used four different pairs of boots in a single day.

The temperature was barely above zero in the morning when I did my first cross-lawn commute and everything that had melted the day before was now a thin coat of ice. So the tall black boots with the blue Stabilicers strapped to their soles were key.

When the sun came out but it was still cold, the morning ice melted so I switched to my pull-on heavy boots because they really keep my tootsies cozy and they’ll tromp through just about anything.

By early afternoon, I didn’t need the heavy boots any longer so I switched to my winter slide-ins. An hour later, everything that was water-based had melted and a layer of squishy mud meant that the rubberized slides were now the best choice.

And my husband wonders why I need so much closet space.


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