Sooner or Later, You Just Gotta Commit

Years ago, my husband and I went to see Taj Mahal in concert at the Lebanon Opera House.
TRU and TOF covers with quilts
It was October and before the LOH was equipped with air conditioning so you would have expected it to be comfortable inside. But it was one of those freak October evenings way up in 70s and we were sweltering.

But no one was moving (or breathing) too much.

The stage was bare except for a keyboard and a spotlight when the big man walked out on stage. (If you’ve never seen him, Taj Mahal is a very tall man.)

He sat down at the keyboard, ran his fingers over the keys to test the tuning, pushed buttons, flipped switches, ran his fingers over the keys again, and then repeated the whole process a second time.

Finally he looked up and grinned at the audience. “Sometimes,” he said, “you just gotta commit.”

I think I’m about ready to do that with the covers of the Carding novels. My friend and fellow quilter, Nancy Graham of Newport, NH, made quilts for both The Road Unsalted and Thieves of Fire. I love them but in these days of thumbprint-sized covers online, I know that I have to keep images simple and the wording LARGE so they can be seen by folks skimming from one book choice to another.

At one point, I was considering photographs for the covers and put together some samples.

But I love Nancy’s quilts.

With Thieves of Fire about to debut, I decided I wanted to put a new cover on The Road Unsalted as well. So over the past two days, I’ve been (metaphorically) running my hands over my keyboard and working on new images that incorporate Nancy’s quilts with simpler graphics.

I’m very close to the printing stage of the publishing process so I think I’ve just gotta commit.

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