Quilting for Lauren

I have a friend who’s had a rather trying house experience.
Lauren's quilt for web
As in she bought a house that the previous owners knew had serious problems but did not disclose.

Long story but by the time my friend uncovered the hidden treacheries, it was too late and the lawyers too expensive to go after the former owners for fraud.

Which is what should have happened.

Anyway, after a ton of persistence, asking questions and finally getting attention for the dire condition of the house, my friend managed not to get strangled by the red tape machine (which I think is kept in the same closet as Murphy’s Laws) and became eligible for a nifty little modular home that I think will do her well.

We’ve been watching this drama unfold for quite a while now and she’s FINALLY on the verge of being able to move in. So a housewarming quilt is in order.

The three house blocks down the center of this quilt are part of a block exchange initiated by members of my guild. I twisted them because that just seemed appropriate for what she’s been through. The scrappy blocks down the sides were done in the “bits and pieces” technique (which for some reason I find boring—I like foundation-pieced flip-and-sew better), and then I chose a quilt pattern with bats (the kind that fly) in lime green thread to finish it off.

My friend’s a caver and lover of all things bats.

This was quilted by Joanne Lendaro. You can find out more about her on her blog, Splitting Stitches.

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