The Fine Texture of Water on Bridges

Being a quilter, graphic designer and newly-obsessed Zentangle maker, I confess to a profound love of texture. In fact, I have quite a photo gallery of texture pix that get used in lots of different ways.
Water ripple texture under bridge 2 for web
One of my favorite textures—and the one that’s among the most difficult to capture—is the play of light reflected off water onto other objects.

In our house, one of our summer heralds is the ripple effect of water on the ceiling of our living room off of the White River. I’ve tried taking pictures of it but all you can see is a white painted surface.

But yesterday, as we explored this great inlet off the Connecticut River, Jay, Goldie and I came up on a low concrete bridge that turned out to be the perfect surface to capture this natural event because of the deep shadow under the bridge.

This is one of the many pictures we took of it. I love the geometric. Makes me think this would make a great inspiration for an abstract quilt.