Sweatshirt Summer

Ten years ago, when my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a Windjammer cruise, we bought navy blue hooded sweatshirts, zip front, to keep ourselves warm when on deck.
Windjammer copy
They are from the Lewis R. French (it’s the Mary Day pictured here) and they are still our favorite sweatshirts after all these years.

Every spring, right after I move my winter wardrobe out and my warm-weather clothes into my closet, we end up with about three weeks of weather cool enough to warrant wearing a sweatshirt. I always joke that I spend more time in that article of clothing than anything else I own, except maybe my winter slippers.

But then, every so often, we have a sweatshirt summer where the mornings are cool enough to warrant something comfortable and long-sleeved.

Except for a few days in June, that’s been this summer.

Loving it but it’s making me think that we really need another Windjammer cruise. They are awesome!