Would Any Garden Smell as Sweet?


Every summer, Paula Boutin (Carding’s erstwhile town manager) makes a point of walking all of the town maintained trails.

Joe Pye weed and bindweed
Not only does she consider it a part of her job (she’s the one who signs the checks for the trail crew), it also gives her the world’s best excuse for getting out of the office on a nice day.

Ted Owens (do we hear wedding bells in their future?) often accompanies her, especially now that the USPS, in its finite wisdom, has cut Carding’s post office hours even more.

In winter, Ted’s usually got a pair of skis in his hands. This time of year, it’s a camera.

Ever since Hurricane Irene, the Joe Pye weed has spread along the Corvus River, making a great climbing pole for the bindweed that’s just coming into bloom.

As Paula, who’s not much into gardening, likes to point out: “A walk in the woods equals beautiful flowers, no weeding, no mowing.”

—posted by Little Crow