Lovin’ That CSA

Carding’s town manager, Paula Boutin, is a busy lady. Between her job, spending time with her (at last) squeeze Ted Owens and his niece Suzanna, kayaking, hiking, skiing, etc. she’s just never had time to garden.
Red cabbage for web
But she loves nothing better than fresh—veggies, fruit, eggs, milk, cheese, beer—all the things you can buy local here in Vermont.

This summer, she and Ted decided to buy a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) from Honey Locust Farm over in Bradford. When you buy a CSA, you buy a weekly allotment of a farm’s produce in season.

Fresh without all the dirt, you know.

This red cabbage found its way into coleslaw with grated carrot, some sunflower seeds, and a dressing of mayo and horseradish.