It’s Just a Dandy Lion

Remember in the movie, The Wizard of Oz, when the Cowardly Lion sings his introductory verses in “If I Only Had the Nerve”? One of my favorite lines is when he describes himself as “just a dandy lion.”
Dandelion for web
I’ve always loved dandelions. Unlike some lawn freaks, I welcome them in my grass (though I have to admit they get evicted from the flower and veggie beds during the summer).
Dandelion in seed for web

Dandelion seed closeup for web
Dandelion seed closeup by J.C. Davis

And it’s a standing joke around here that I refuse to mow the lawn (my very least favorite warm season chore) until we can’t find our little Goldie among the dandelions.

But I was reminded the other day about another good reason not to cut these cheery yellow blooms in early spring. They are an important food source for bees as they emerge from their hives.

Dandelions are only one of the plants I welcome in the lawn. I now have grape hyacinth, three different colors of violet, a wild leek (that we hope will spread everywhere), wild strawberries, and creeping Charlie. Plus, I just put in my first ajuga which, judging by my sister’s experience, will soon spread everywhere.

So how do I get the grass not to grow among them?