Dear Jane

Jane reading a pattern
Jane reading a pattern
Jane sewing at Piecing for Parkinson's
Jane sewing at Piecing for Parkinson’s

PfP-Jane finished a quilt top for web
In the quilting universe, there’s a Civil War era quilt that’s renowned for its amazing beauty and complexity. It hangs once a year at the Bennington Museum in Bennington, Vermont and it was made by a woman named Jane Stickle. Among quilters, it’s referred to as the “Dear Jane” quilt.

Well, in my quilt guild (Northern Lights in Lebanon, NH), we have a couple of Dear Janes, one of them being Jane Buskey who came bearing her sewing machine and a pattern to our first Piecing with Parkinson’s day.

We had fabric to start the day and then a woman showed up with four bags more so we had PLENTY of colors and patterns to choose from. So Jane got to town on this oversized chevron quilt.

From top to bottom, you can see Jane at the beginning of the day familiarizing herself with the pattern then sewing at her machine (we were all loving that great sewing table she found online), and then sharing her finished quilt top.

Love that pattern! And loved having Jane be a part of our special day.