Sometimes, You Just Gotta Re-Read

Persuasion cover
Like many people, I’m a fan of Jane Austen. I love her rich language, the simplicity and focus of her plots, and her funny characters (almost all of them parents of some sort or another).

And sometimes, I just can’t resist pulling one of her novels off the shelf just for the pleasure of her company.

Last fall, I decided not to renew my membership at the Howe Library in Hanover, NH, arguably the best library in the Upper Valley. You see, I have all of these unread books on my own shelves that continue being unread because I go to the library.

Really doesn’t make sense now, does it?

The idea that denying myself access to the Howe would mean I’d plunder my own shelves. I also gave myself permission to stop reading any book that failed to entertain.

I’ve also been trying not to re-read because that goes against my purpose.
But then I gave in and Jane’s Persuasion came off the shelf.

Guess what? Ann marries Frederick again. And Ann’s father and older sister are still just as fatuous as before and her younger sister Mary just as funny.

Ah, so satisfying.