More Than One Way to Make a Goose

Large flying geese blocks
Orphan block quilt by Sonja Hakala

A quilting friend once teased me that it’s all right if I sew without a purpose.

But I have a wide practical streak in my nature that I couldn’t ignore if I tried so this orphan block quilt had a reason for being right from the start.

My favorite quilt size is the one I make for the Parkinson’s Comfort Quilt Project. (See the page for this to the right.) The optimal size for these quilts is anywhere from 32 to 36 inches wide and 50 to 60 inches long. With that in mind, this quilt still had a ways to go once its center was complete.

Enter the large, scrappy flying geese running up and down the two sides of this quilt.

Every quilter organizes her scraps in different ways. A couple of years ago, I started cutting the bits of fabric left over from my projects into squares ranging in size from 2 1/2 to 6 inches. I cut my leftovers to the largest size in that range, and store them in plastic bags.

Well, of course, when you have enough of that sort of thing, you have to use it once in a while.

That’s how these geese got their start, as 6-inch squares of light fabric. Since I wanted the final blocks to be as large as possible, I decided to construct them out of two half-square triangles instead of the more traditional route of squares sewn to triangles.

As I pin basted this project at a sit and sew sponsored by my guild (there are large tables there just perfect for this activity), one of the other quilters commented on how I’d made these.

“I would think the points would be harder to line up,” she said.

I’ve made flying geese this way many times without a hitch, and find this method especially useful for making the larger birds in a flock.

Also note, in the finished top, that I added a block of olive green fabric to finish up the strip so that it would be the right size. And the dark brown fabric in the geese is also used in the border at the top and bottom of the project, tying it all together.

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