Fonts and Your Cover

Sunday Morning Quilts cover

There are trends in the quilting universe just as there are in every other facet of our culture. One of the most noticeable at the moment has been dubbed Modern, and Sunday Morning Quilts is a good example of this trend.

But we’re not here to talk about quilting trends. Today we’re here to talk about font choice on covers.

Authors and designers and editors and booksellers agonize and argue over what fonts should be used on a cover. I’ve witnessed situations when an author falls in love with a particular font, insists on its use, and ruins a cover. Designers can do this as well but not often, in my experience.

The cardinal rule about everything on a cover is that it serve the purpose of the book’s content. Nothing else matters. No favorites allowed.

Take a close look at this cover. The descriptive adjective that immediately comes to mind is—clean. There’s a great deal of light here, a marked absence of clutter.

Now look at the font used for the title. My guess is that it’s in the Lucida family because of the form of the small letter i in the word quilts. This font belongs in the sans serif type family. It’s a spacey font—clean.

Notice the the line of demarcation close to the center of the cover where the light changes from almost over-exposed to moderate. All of the text is in that right-hand, over-exposed panel so that the fine lines of the text do not have to fight with much color in the background.

The subtitle of the book—Sort, Store, and Use Every Last Bit of Your Treasured Fabrics—lays across a rectangle of moderate pink, a tone that also appears in the quilt draped over the child descending the stairs on the left.

This is a nice bit of design work where the choice and placement of the text serves the purpose and flavor of the book.

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