Carding Quilt Company

Treehouse steps—design by Edie Wolfe of Carding, Vermont

With only three months to go, the folks at the Carding Quilt Company in Carding, Vermont are cranking up their quilting expertise, and their book publishing schedule.

Carding, Vermont is the star of my novel, The Road Unsalted, the first in a series about this hill town among the Green Mountains. Carding is home to an interesting school, the Carding Academy of Traditional Arts. The Academy, as everyone in Carding calls it, functions as both conservator of traditional crafts and the incubator for highly skilled artists who push the boundaries of these traditions.

Carding Quilt Company is the book publishing arm of the Academy. Many of the Academy’s teachers, such as Chloe Willis and Edie Wolfe, have published their work through the Quilt Company.

The quilt pictured here, Treehouse Steps, was designed by Edie Wolfe. The pattern for it will be available this fall.

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