At Least There Are Eight

Quilt designer Freddie Moran believes that red is a neutral color. This block was done in her color style.

Between dealing with the flu and my husband’s medical issues, the winter was tough around here, very tough. As John Lennon once said: “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

My plans for this month included making a quilt to meet the annual challenge in my main guild, Northern Lights, as well as creating twelve of these bright house blocks based on the color scheme of designer Freddie Moran.

I had completed eight of the twelve I’ve promised to make in January when all hell broke loose around here. Then the flu pushed my plans for the challenge quilt back. So today, I still have four of these blocks to make.

But I am surely grateful that eight of them are done. Gettin’ twelve done today would never get got. Or something to that effect. (I think I’ve been infected by the Southern phoniness of the Repug Prez candidates.)

Whew, gotta go sew.

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