The Comfort in a Quilt

Margie Clark was one of the first people to receive a quilt through the Parkinson’s Comfort Quilt Project.

I was at two events for the Parkinson’s Comfort Quilt Project over the weekend. The first, on Saturday, was at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center where I womaned a table covered with quilts, and talked to folks about the project.

During the time I was there, a woman came to tell me how her husband received one of the first quilts we gave away. It was one I made, a simple quilt of autumn colors. She told me how much he loves that quilt, and that he keeps it with him all the time.

Then a gentleman who was working at the table next to me told me that Margie Clark, who’s in this picture with some of her family members, is now in a hospital. She also received one of the first quilts we gave away. The gentleman told me how she keeps that quilt with her all the time, and how much it means to her.

That’s why I do this.

The second event was speaking at my son’s church, Saint Thomas Episcopal in Hanover, New Hampshire. I really like the priest at his church, Guy Collins. He sat in on my talk, and during conversation, I realized that working with clergy was a very good way for me to spread the word. So I have a new avenue to explore.

After I get through my next deadlines, I plan to start making some small, stuffed angels to sell in order to raise the money I need to make this a formal 501(c)3.

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