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Cover, Second Try

Dazzling cover 4
So I get the cover from yesterday all printed out on photo paper and bring it to my closest advisor, my husband Jay, for comment.

His nose wrinkles.

Hmm, this is not going to be good.

“So, what do you think?”

“I thought the title was something else.”

“Yeah, it was, but since this book is about Hurricane Irene, I thought this one fit better,” I say. “It’s based on a quote from Mark Twain.”

“Yeah, but the way you have this set up, it looks like a nonfiction book about weather, not a novel.”

“OK, I can see that. But what do you think about the background?”

“Oh, I like that.”

So back to the drawing board.

Change the curvy structure (which is actually an enlarged and elongated tilde from the Edwardian Script font) to a different tilde. (This one’s from the Onyx font.)

Hmmm, one of them seems too skinny. How about two?

Two’s better but three would give it more oomph.

At this point, I had the curvy blue parts running across the center of the cover and I had to move them out of the way to work on the font for the title (Lithos).

And when I moved them out of the way, they ended up on the top of the cover, pretty much where you see them now.

I liked it.

Nudge, nudge, move, move, and then I liked it some more.

Changed the title too.

The background picture, by the way, is of reflections in the water of Woodward Reservoir over in Plymouth, VT, taken last autumn from my kayak. Looks like something Matisse would paint, don’t you think?