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A Reading Jag

Death at LaFenice by Donna Leon

Every so often, I trip across a new-to-me author that hits that sweet spot of providing well-written entertainment right when the majority of my neurons are otherwise occupied.

We have been scurrying around to empty three spaces of accumulated whatevers (you know how that goes) because two of them have to be removed (Irene damage) and the third, a quonset hut full of my husband’s wood stash, was in the way of the new building that’s going up to replace these spaces.

On Monday (OMG, that’s just a week from today), we have to have all in readiness for the arrival of 15 volunteers who are going to help us raise the skeleton of the building.

This in on top of my designing two books for clients, and continuing to work on The Road Unsalted so it will be ready to fly in September.

All this is to say that Donna Leon’s Venice-based mysteries could not have crossed my path at a better time. Her writing is smooth, I totally like her main character (and his family). I’m entertained, I’m learning about another culture, and opinions expressed by her characters make me entertain new ideas in a very pleasant way.

I’ve been clipping through Leon’s novels at a rapid pace. Totally recommend.