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30 Days of Transition

Thirty days hath September.

Today, it’s downright hot outside.
Two turtles in the sun for web
Thirty days from now, this pair of turtles will be burrowing in somewhere that will help them survive the cold to come.

Today, it’s shorts, AC and a T-shirt.

Thirty days from now, it will more than likely be jeans and a long-sleeved shirt.

Right now, the cherry tomatoes are clustered on their vines, the garden phlox is filling the air with its new-mown hay scent, and we have an abundance of yellow squash to eat for supper.

Thirty days from now, I’ll be cutting back the gardens for winter, freezing the tomatoes, making applesauce, and eyeing my butternut squash for harvest.

It’s a big month, September is.