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Strawberry Season!!

Strawberries-2 flats-2014Some folks may think that the 4th of July is THE American holiday for apple pie.

But here in Carding, we know that’s absurd because the first apples are a good eight weeks away.

Nope, one of the annual treks from here is to visit the cool folks (Ann and Pooh Sprague) who own Edgewater Farm in Plainfieild, NH.

It’s a bit of a ride but they have great strawberries and a farm stand and greenhouses and…and…hmmm…

I hear a strawberry shortcake calling my name.

Sorry, gotta go.

Visiting the Vermont Quilt Festival

Starlight by Mara Novak and Kathy Beltz
Starlight by Mara Novak and Kathy Beltz

The Carding Academy of Traditional Arts hosted a bus trip to visit the always wonderful Vermont Quilt Festival in Essex Junction this past weekend.
Pam Druhen barn
Pam Druhen barn

Everyone came home Saturday exhausted and exhilarated by the color and sheer genius of the creators who are celebrated in the oldest running quilt show in New England.

Here’s a tiny sampling of what we saw.

Square Dance by Elizabeth Bauman
Square Dance by Elizabeth Bauman

Carding, Vermont in the News

The Road Unsalted and Carding, Vermont were the subject of a great story in Upper Valley Life magazine in their May issue.

We had a photo shoot in support of the article with photographer extraordinaire Jon Gilbert Fox. Jon had a great idea—to include all of the folks from the book who live here in the Upper Valley.

So here is yours truly surrounded by the real-life characters in her book.
UV Magazine-photo of cast

And here is the article.
UV Mag story

Carding in Upper Valley Life Magazine

UVL story-page 1Carding, Vermont is getting around.

This month, Upper Valley Life magazine published a nice piece on our favorite town in the Green Mountain state.

This image is one of two pages about The Road Unsalted. The article was written by Kim Gifford and photographed by Jon Gilbert Fox.

Cool, eh?

I have to admit I wasn’t quite sure what Jon had in mind when he first described his idea for the photograph. But I’ve worked with Jon before and I know he’s got great instincts so I called the folks who are in The Road Unsalted and asked if they could come for a photo shoot.

They were so good, taking time from their busy days, to make this happen.

They are, from left to right, Nancy Graham who made the quilt that’s on the cover of my book; my husband Jay who’s a talented woodworker; Jay is holding our cocker spaniel Goldie who is the inspiration for Nearly Wolfe; Carrie Fradkin who’s a terrific mosaic artist; Joanne Lendaro who’s a long arm quilter among other talents, and Jeff Sass, our metal sculptor friend who lives up the hill.

Just sharing.

The Road Unsalted is the first Carding, Vermont novel
The Road Unsalted is the first Carding, Vermont novel